Multiple Domain Hosting

Niche marketers who have several websites on the internet for generating income often encounter the problem of high hosting costs. Paying hosting fees for each of their websites can add up to quite a big amount on a yearly basis. Luckily, there is a solution to reduce costs in a big way: multiple domain hosting. Multiple domain hosting lets you host different websites on 1 account while paying the hosting fees for only 1 website and save you hundreds of dollars yearly. How is that possible?

What is multiple domain hosting?

This is a type of hosting where you register a domain name or transfer your existing one and that will become your primary domain. After this you can add new domain names to your account, they will become your add on domains, and you may host them on your primary account.

What is the difference between multiple domain hosting and domain forwarding?

Domain forwarding allows you to direct different domain names to the same website. For example, you have created content on the URL You bought the same domain name with other extensions, like .NET, .ORG and .INFO. With domain forwarding you can set these domain names to point to your website created under the address So, whenever people type the addresses, or into their browser, they will be redirected to your site that can be found under the address

This is not the case with multiple domain hosting. When you have different websites in several niches with different content, whenever people type in the address of your websites into their browser, they will be taken to the content of that particular website. Let’s see how it works.

How does multiple domain hosting work?

Let’s say you target 5 different niches to make money. These are your websites:,,, and (Note: these are fictional website names.)You transfer the existing domain to a multiple domain host. Now, this domain name will become your primary domain. You upload the content of your acne website into your hosting space. Then you add on the remaining 4 domains to your hosting account. While doing that the system will create a folder for the add on domains. They will look like subdomains. For example, when adding the domain to your primary domain, you might create a folder called ‘dating’. The result will be the subdomain But the important thing is that after uploading the content of your dating site into the ‘dating’ folder, when someone types in the URL, they will be directed to that exact address instead of a subdomain. In other words, the ‘subdomains’ will act as top-level-domains for the add on domains.

How much money can you save with multiple domain hosting?

When you use ‘traditional’ hosting, you have to pay hosting fees for each website you have. Let’s say hosting costs $7 a month. For a year the hosting cost for 1 website would amount to 12 x $7 = $84. Yearly hosting fees for 5 websites add up to 5 x 12 x $7 = $420 and for 10 websites costs would rise to as high as 10 x 12 x $7 = $840.

Now, with multiple domain hosting you are only charged for the price of hosting 1 website. Let’s say here hosting fee is $7 a month, as well. Your yearly expenditure for hosting would be 12 x $7 = $84 no matter how many websites you host on your account (provided you chose a hosting company that lets you hosts unlimited websites on your account). In the case of having 5 websites you will save $420 – $84 = $336, and in the case of having 10 different websites you can save as much as $840 – $84 = $756. That’s quite a big amount of money on a yearly basis to save!

How can you save even more money with multiple domain hosting?

Besides from cutting direct hosting costs there are a wide selection of features and services that come free with the hosting package at some multiple domain hosting providers, and thus allows you to save even more money. These features often include free PPC advertising credits, ecommerce tools, email marketing services or pre-installed scripts and softwares that you can use for building a website without any programming knowledge and add more functionality to your sites, such as adding forums, chats, surveys, etc. For online businesses, and especially for internet marketers it is important to spot opportunities that either reduce costs or save time in building a business. Therefore such features should be looked for when choosing a hosting plan.