Web Design Tip

Simplicity? Or image saturated design? This has been an argument of the web design community for some time now and one can argue his way through either point. However, I’m for the simple design because I simply believe that simplicity is essential, more so when it comes to web design.

Lets go through the essentials or rather the purpose of a website. A website exists to give to users of the internet, relevant content or products that they may require. As such, nothing else is as important than what is on a certain website. That put, heavy loaded graphics and images are not necessary in a web design.

I am not saying that its totally wrong to do so, but its almost as bad as committing a sin. 🙂 True that web designers who are at the same time, good at digital art would want to present to the public, skills they might have in that department. Not a wrong thing to do and its understandable to want an ego boost by that. However, taking from web design tip 1 I have posted, its important to think of the end user first. Therefore, if the end user seeks to look up information regarding ‘web design tips’ for example, it would be really inconsiderate to make him wait for the graphics to load just to end up reading a small required section. At which point, he only cares aut the content and gives no appreciation for the beautiful images set up. A good thing?

Not quite as it reduces user satisfaction. Which is a very essential thing to ensure they keep coming back to your site for more.

However, why do I mention that its possible for one to argue the benefits of an image filled site despite being in favour of the latter? Well, I have been a victim of the former back then. And I appreciated those stunning visuals very much. I still do, but after spending more time on the web, I realized the need for time and sites which load quickly are kept in my good books. These sites tend to have simplicity as their objective in their web design. On the other hand, the advances in technology (namely the connectivity department) around the world has resulted in booming internet speeds for web users and these result in more people being able to appreciate those visually stunning sites. Thus, like I mentioned, the debate can go both ways, with me, and a lot other webmasters preferring to stick to the importance of simplicity.

Never can I, or other webmasters fully stress the utmost importance of simplicity in web design. Why you may ask? Well there are a lot of benefits in doing so and I will try to name a few.

* Negligible loading times -> Visitor satisfaction

* Aesthetically appealing and structured layout -> Visitor satisfaction

* Ease of search engine optimization -> Self and search engine spiders’ satisfaction

* Ease of validation for WC3 -> Recognized site

There are countless gains and they even include filling up your wallet! You have to try it to experience that benefit for yourself. As you can see, just by keeping your site design simple and to the point, you can benefit a lot. So the next time you feel like portraying your design skills, think for a moment about the benefits and visitors you could be losing by doing so, and put aside those skills for your masterpieces and post them up at deviant art or the likes. 🙂

That said, I am no one to instruct you on what to do with your site’s design, but my advice, as are many other webmasters : Simplicity is essential and that, is one of the very hardcore advice you could ever follow. It might even change your life. Try it.